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av Bredesen, K., Hansen, I.T., Hessaa-Szwinto, S., Larsen, L.M., Nilssen, B.A. & Sannæs, L. (red.)

What are the actual reasons for defining an act as courageous? Is it possible to talk about different forms of courage, and what makes us consider one action to be courageous and another foolhardy or cowardly? Can we make a deliberate choice in becoming more courageous in our daily lives, and what is the significance of people’s ability to exhibit courage on behalf of society?

In this first addition yearbook release by ARKIVET Peace and Human Rights Centre, the topic is courage. Through academic essays and personal testimonies, we will get a glimpse of what courage is, how it is expressed, and how the courageous acts of individuals influence both their own lives, the people around them, and the society as a whole.

Contributors are Monika Praczyk, Kristin Soraya Batmanghelichi, Cynthia L.S. Pury, Eystein Ellingsen, Thomas V.H. Hagen, Kjetil Homane Grødum, Kai Erland, Kim Bredesen og Mi Sun Balg.

This book is also available in Norwegian.

Release year: 2021
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