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Workshop for ungdom: Be the change

Lørdag 7. mai kl. 12.00-15.00 inviterer Maja Charlotte Fleck-Baustian og Youth for Diversity Agder til workshop for unge mellom 15 og 25 år.

Be the Change: Start demolishing self-doubt and empower yourself and your democracy with Maja Charlotte Fleck-Baustian.

Maja and her organization, Youth for Diversity Agder (YDA), invite youngsters aged 15-25 to a three-hour workshop at Arkivet to introduce self-empowerment by identifying and understanding how to fight self-doubt.

YDA believes that for a democracy to be effective for all, the promotion of civic action and active participation of youngsters is necessary. Thus, the workshop will introduce tools and discuss ways to deal with the voice in your head that tells you you are not good enough in an effort to build strong-minded, confident individuals and citizens.


Lør. 07 mai 2022
Klokken: 12:00


ARKIVET freds- og menneskerettighetssenter


ARKIVET freds- og menneskerettighetssenter, Youth for Diversity Agder


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