JM 5

Jon Michelet's Library

Jon Michelet's Library is an exhibition that conveys Michelet's work with the history of war sailors. The exhibition contains over 600 books from his private collection. The room also has desks where you can sit down and work.

Jon Michelet's Library is located on the ground floor.

The library consists of books and archive material by the author Jon Michelet (1944-2018). The material formed the basis for much of his writing from 2007 to 2018, especially in connection with the writing of the novel series about war sailor Halvor Skramstad, En sjøens helt. Through Michelet's books about the war sailors, he made it possible for descendants to understand what the war sailors had gone through during the war years, and which for many resulted in a turbulent post-war period.

The history of war sailors is still unknown to many people today, despite the fact that they made the largest contribution on the Norwegian side to the Allied victory in World War II. Michelet's colorful descriptions of the seafarers' struggle through World War II have contributed to the interest and knowledge of the war sailors having grown in Norway. Through Jon Michelet's Library, we want to link the fictional story of Halvor Skramstad to the actual story of the war sailors.

The library offers fact-based books (all from Michelet's own private library), an introduction to the most important events in connection with the war sailors and an overview of Michelet's books about the war sailors. In this way, the audience that visits the library, whether they have read some of Michelet's books about the war sailors or not, will be able to experience the room and learn something new. A desk gives both students and other enthusiasts the opportunity to sit down, find inspiration and work in Jon Michelet's Library.