Brennpunkt Arkivet SAR 00325

Focal point Arkivet

Focal Point Arkivet opened on April 9th, 2016. This permanent exhibition communicates what happened at ARKIVET and at Agder during the war. The exhibition aims to give an understanding of the significance that individual's actions can have for the development of society.

In the period 1940-45 the Norwegian democracy was replaced with Nazi dictatorship. The main task of the German security police, of which the Gestapo was a part, was to combat Norwegian resistance. The Gestapo used this very building, called "Arkivet", as headquarters in Southern Norway.

The permanent exhibition strives to strengthen a contemporary perspective. Focal point Arkivet: Occupation, resistance, captivity and collaboration in Agder 1940-1945" aims to provide a greater understanding of how individual choices of action affect society in a positive or negative direction.

The Permanent Exhibition is divided in five sections:

  • Memorial staircase
  • The Gestapo
  • The torture
  • Choices
  • After peace

For English speaking visitors we can offer audioguides. Please contact us in advance if you would like to book an English speaking guide: [email protected]