Stiftelsen Arkivet is a Foundation. The Advisory Council represents official and private interests both in the region and in the nation as a whole.  It consists of people containing a deep well of expertise and ideological engagement in accordance with the foundation’s mission. Robert Mood is the current leader.

The Board of Directors represents both official and private interests in the region and constitutes a historically interested group which shall carry out the foundation’s mission. The municipality of Kristiansand, Vest- and Aust-Agder County Administration, the Advisory Council, the National Government and Friends of Stiftelsen Arkivet, names one member each. Dagrun Eriksen is the current leader of The Board.

The Friends of Stiftelsen Arkivet has as their purpose to create a network for Stiftelsen Arkivet, as well as promote and support it financially.  Friends of Stiftelsen Arkivet are responsible for the operation, maintenance, and the guided tours of the Gestapo Basement.  The Friends of Stiftelsen Arkivet’s office is staffed every day.  One can sign up for membership individually, or as a company, group, or team.  It is also possible to sign up for lifetime membership. Tor Hultmann is the current leader for The Friends of Stiftelsen Arkivet.