ARKIVET frigivelse 1945

After the war

After the war ended in 1945, the Home Force took over ARKIVET, before it once again became a State Archive.

Inside ARKIVET there was room for 3500 shelf meters with archive items. It lasted for about 30 years, before space capacity became a growing problem. The solution was to build a new one, and when the state archives moved to new premises, it was scattered around four different places in the city.

ARKIVET was a State Archive until 1997. After the State Archives moved, Sørlandet Krigsminneforening established an action committee that protested against ARKIVET being put up for sale on the open market. The action committee was established as a foundation in 1998: The Foundation Arkivet.

After extensive restoration, the center for history dissemination and peacebuilding was opened on May 8, 2001.