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BE HEARD! Storytelling Night

ARKIVET Peace and Human Rights Centre have the pleasure inviting you to BE HEARD! Live Storytelling Night, on Tuesday 28 November at 19:00.

This Autumn’s storytellers are students and members of SAIH Kristiansand (Norwegian Students’ and Academics’ International Assistance Fund). They have participated in a six week long storytelling course led by an instructor from StorySLAM Oslo. In the course they have been working on conveying a personal story from their own life on a stage in front of an audience. Tonight they will tell their story. Each story lasts about 8 minutes.

The BE HEARD! concept is part of ARKIVET’s work within inclusion & diversity and prevention of racism and group hostility.

Welcome: Solveig Hessaa-Szwinto (Academic Coordinator for Active Citizenship and Diversity, ARKIVET Peace and Human Rights Centre)

Host: Stina Riebe Thygesen will lead the audience through the night (Storyteller Instructor, StorySLAM Oslo)

Free entrance
Doors opens at 18:30

Supported by: Kristiansand kommune


Tue 28 Nov 2023
Klokken: 19:00


ARKIVET freds- og menneskerettighetssenter


I samarbeid med SAIH Kristiansand