Statutes for The Arkivet Foundation

§ 1 - Name:

The name shall be Stiftelsen Arkivet.

§ 2 - Location

The Foundation shall be located in Kristiansand.

§ 3 - Purpose

The Foundation's purpose is to own and administer the previous State Archive of Kristiansand. The building was used as a Gestapo regional headquarters during the German occupation. Among the buildings occupied by Gestapo, this is the only one in the country which has not been completely transformed. Consequently, it has been possible to restore the prison cells to look like they did during the war years. The Foundation's aims is to turn the building into an information centre about the occupation and the war years 1940-45, as well as an education centre for forward-looking work on peace and conflict resolution. The objective is to establish a close cooperation with similar professional bodies and ensure a good collaboration with all segments of the education system. The Foundation will undertake and be in charge of scientific research within the relevant disciplines.

§ 4 - Basic capital

The Foundation has a basic capital of NOK 200,000. This amount shall remain untouched and at least one tenth of the return shall be added to the capital.

5. The Board

The Foundation shall have a Board of 6 to 8 members with personal deputy board members, elected for a period of two years.

The Board shall represent both public and private interests in the region and shall be made up of professional and history conscious individuals who are capable of carrying out the aim.

The municipality of Kristiansand and the county authorities of Vest-Agder and Aust-Agder shall each appoint one board member. Likewise, the Council shall appoint one to three board members, including deputy members. The State, represented by the Ministry of Education and Research, shall appoint one board member with deputy.

The Association of Friends (Venneforeningen) appoints one board member with deputy.

The Board itself elects Chairperson and Deputy Chairperson for the period.

The Board is responsible for the running of the Foundation and for arranging a suitable Secretariat as well as appointing a General Manager. The General Manager appoints staff in consultation with the Board.

§ 6 - The Council

The Foundation shall have a Council of up to 25 members. The appointment is for 2 years and the Council itself elects Chairperson and Deputy Chairperson.

The Council shall represent public and private interests in the region and the rest of the country, and be assembled in such a way that it reflects professional width and ideological engagement in accordance with the Foundation's objectives.

The Council sees to the initial assembly and arranges for the availability of secretarial assistance through the Secretariat.

The Council determines the Foundation's statutes.

Beyond that, the Council has the following tasks:

  • appoint members and deputy members to the Board in accordance with §5
  • appoint members to the Council in accordance with § 6
  • appoint an Election Committee consisting of three members
  • examine and approve annual reports and financial statements
  • provide advice in matters transferred by the Board
  • address matters of interest
  • promote suggestions of change to the Statutes, if the Council deems it required

The Council normally meets once a year - before the end of June. The Chairperson and the General Manager hold the right to attend the meetings and to speak during the meetings.

§ 7 - Financial

Statements/Audit The Financial Statements shall run parallel to the calendar year. Annual Reports and Revised Accounts shall be presented to the Council for its approval.

The Board appoints accountant.

§ 8 - Change of Statutes/ Close-down

Any change of the Statutes requires 2/3 majority in the Council. Any alteration of the operation or close-down requires 2/3 majority in the Council as well as approval by the Council.

In the event of close-down, a decision shall at the same time be reached as to how the property and resources shall be administered.

In the event of close-down, grants toward scientific research shall be administered in accordance with the above mentioned condition.